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Birthday Direct was founded in November of 1995 by Sherri Ann Stout as the party division of a retail chain of children's gift stores known as Babies, Birthdays, & Balloons. The following year was launched. 

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The company has received numerous accolades since its inception in 1995, including top awards for Best Customer Service Program from the National Party Retailing Association and notable press from Good Morning America, Southern Living, and Baby Talk magazines. In 2011 Google chose Birthday Direct to represent the state of Alabama in its Economic impact study.

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With over twenty-five years of experience as an online retailer, Birthday Direct is the anchor eCommerce business at Shoals Spur eCommerce Campus, located in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, USA. Birthday Direct is headquartered at 122 Commerce Street, Muscle Shoals, Alabama, 35661.

Birthday Direct strives to serve its customers with professional, courteous customer service and provide top-quality birthday party supplies manufactured and distributed from their 17,000 square foot facility. 

Birthday Direct’s mission is to set the standard of excellence in the party supply industry for customer service, product selection, and eco-friendly merchandise.


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  • Birthday Direct’s Eco-Printed Party Collections helps their customers host a fantastic birthday party or baby shower using eco-friendly, biodegradable, and compostable yet, stylish, elegant, and exclusive decorations. 
  • Birthday Direct manufactures eco-conscious party products from renewable materials like recycled content paper, palm leaves, sugarcane, and bamboo provide an eco-friendly alternative. 
  • Birthday Direct focuses on finding new and improved ways to reduce carbon emissions from their manufacturing and minimize waste.
  • Birthday Direct’s Eco-printed party decoration products decrease the impact on the earth and its natural resources. They also simplified their product packaging with less material.

What’s Next for Birthday Direct?

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As a party industry leader, it’s essential to partner exclusively with vendors and manufacturers that share our commitment to green initiatives.

By 2025 Birthday Direct plans to be a minimal-waste-to-landfill company. Everything that leaves their doors will go to recycling or compost. 

Founder of Birthday Direct

Sherri Stout is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Birthday Direct Inc., established in 1995. Known as an early eCommerce adopter, the company has experienced tremendous growth and become one of the leading Internet retailers of birthday party supplies, party favors, and decorations. 

Sherri is also the Creative Director of Birthday Direct, an innovative designer and manufacturer of eco-friendly party supplies and decorations. Based in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, the creative team comprises talented graphic designers, writers, photographers, and product stylists.