Shoals Spur eCommerce Accelerator

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 Shoals Spur eCommerce Accelerator courses to teach the basics of starting an online business, as well as new advances, straight from people who have learned the ropes, made the mistakes, and come out on top after a lot of trial and error.

Whether you need a beginner course in eCommerce 101 to help you understand the basics or you’re ready to advance into complex areas of business strategy, such as search engine optimization or content marketing, Shoals Spur has a course that will give you the knowledge to succeed.

Shoals Spur eCommerce business class

 The truth is that a startup launching into or managing a site in the eCommerce world needs a lot of hard and soft skills — and so do their staff. 

Shoals Spur eCommerce Accelerator courses to help you develop the necessary skills, whether it’s online advertising and marketing, independent design basics, product management, or digital customer service.

Shoals Spur eCommerce Learning Group

Shoals Spur eCommerce Startup Course

Start here if you’re new to eCommerce or have just launched a store but feel like a fish out of water. 

The Shoals Spur E-Commerce Startup course covers setting up an online store, basic marketing strategies, and some best eCommerce practices anyone in the niche should know. 

eCommerce Marketing Mastery

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This course can serve as a high-level introduction to everyday challenges and considerations relevant to eCommerce businesses.

Shoals Spur eCommerce marketing course will teach you how to get the word out or engage your new consumers online. 


  • Learn how to create a solid online business strategy.
  • Setup and customize an online eCommerce store
  • Discover the basics of eCommerce infrastructure and communication
  • Master supporting technology such as shipping and inventory control software 
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Gain an understanding of core digital marketing concepts and how you can apply them to your own business. Get in-depth information about digital marketing and branding from industry experts.

Learn tips and tricks for attracting and converting more eCommerce store customers. Navigate the technicalities of using Google tools such as Ads and Analytics

Topics covered include: 

  • Learn the eCommerce marketing ecosystem and supporting technology
  • Master website architecture, how to optimize various aspects of your store for SEO
  • Setup email automation and basics of content marketing and lead nurturing

Shoals Spur eCommerce Drop-Ship Curriculum

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Drop-shipping courses concentrate on the eCommerce strategies and skills needed to succeed in drop-shipping, including finding high converting products, mastering online marketing, and choosing the right partners. 

Learn how to choose high-performing products and work with suppliers.

Master sales and marketing tactics relevant specifically to print-on-demand and white-label fulfillment.

Navigate the technicalities of building a drop-ship brand.